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Shivam S.
Founder and
Chief Visionary Officer

Hello! I’ve founded STEMninjas to spread awareness, foster inspiration, and increase proficiency in STEM among youth, and I can’t wait to work with all of you! I’m a passionate computer science enthusiast with advanced knowledge in Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning, and Cybersecurity. As an independent researcher and innovator, I’ve presented my research projects in AI, ML, and Neurotechnology at Rutgers University, and won at multiple hackathon events. I’m Co-Founder of the Cybersecurity Club, Vice President of TSA, and President of the Model UN National Team. Outside of STEM, I’m an avid public speaker, Life Rank Boy Scout, and swim for the JPS HS Varsity team. In my free time, I love to learn more about AI & ML!

Ansh B.
Executive Director

Hello! I am an avid coder who also has a deep interest in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Math, and CAD. If my life can be named, I will name it Computer Science. Along with a competitive programmer (currently USACO Silver) and freelancer, I am also a self-employed data analyst and web developer for a few businesses! Currently studying Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Game Theory, I would like my future to be dedicated towards making significant breakthroughs in STEM. I am a coach at American Computer Science League and a Co-President at Cybersecurity club. I have also won 2nd place at the annual Tech Expo in the MCVTS district. Along with STEM, I have deep passion for physical activity and piano.

Sanjana V.
Executive Director

Hey everyone! I’m an aspiring data scientist and entrepreneur who is passionate about using STEM advancements and technologies to change the world. Currently I am studying bioinformatics/medlytics with MIT, launching my startup Supportcha, and learning machine learning in Python. I am also an avid STEM writer on Medium, and am self studying statistical analytics in order to better grasp data science concepts. Other than STEM and academics, I enjoy art and playing the piano. 

Meha P.
Executive Director

Hello, hello! I have always been passionate about pursuing a career in the business and finance fields which leads to my affinity for math. Weirdly enough, I have discovered a love for physics. Outside of STEM, I am an avid debater and love learning about law. I also have an immense interest in music as I play 4 instruments, dance, and sing!

Pranjay K.
Marketing Director

Hey everyone! My name is Pranjay Kumar and I enjoy studying. I am well-versed in mathematics. I'm an active member of many clubs at MCA such as JSA, FBLA and TSA. I’ve participated in many finance and business related competitions and won 3rd place in the state in a business simulation contest. I enjoy learning about electrical engineering and cybersecurity. Currently, I’m the State Assembly Representative for the JSA chapter and the Director of Fundraising for our school’s Apollo Foundation chapter. Additionally,I’m learning clothing design when I’m not doing the activities above.I am currently exploring my options for my future and world love to take students under my wing and help them achieve their goals. 

shefali website.JPG
Shefali A.
Director of Social Media

Hi guys! I am the Director of Social Media here at STEMninjas. I am an aspiring software engineer with a passion for psychology and journalism. I am the Editor-in-Chief of my school’s newspaper, as well as the president of the Girls Who Code Club, where I help teach other girls in my school how to code, work on projects together, and connect with engineers in the field. Aside from school, I love spending my free time reading classic novels and playing the cello.

Heer P.
Marketing Director 

Hey everyone! My name is Heer, and I’m super excited to be a part of STEMninjas! I have a burning passion for Math, and am well-versed in all aspects of it. For two years in a row, I have been ranked in the top 1% of the MATHCON competition, and was selected to go to the National Tournament. I’m a top scorer in my school for the AMC 10A test and got in the top 1% for the AMC8, and am an active participant in the Math League. I play piano, guitar, violin, drums, and am a 2nd degree black belt in karate. I love public speaking and debate as well! Currently, I’m the Co-President of the UNICEF club, and play Varsity Tennis for NBTHS.

Sanjana R.
Marketing Director

Hi! I’m Sanjana Ravuri! I’m a marketing director here at STEMninjas. I’m interested in finance and management and I love graphic design. I am in the process of receiving MicroMasters degrees in finance, marketing, and international law from MIT, UC Louvain, and UC Berkeley. I currently work as a volunteer marketing director for several local and family businesses. Additionally, I also work as a freelance graphic designer. When I’m not sitting behind a computer, I play golf for the varsity golf team at East Brunswick Highschool and volunteer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In my free time, I love to go to the beach and surf!

Lizzie L.
Volunteer Outreach Director

Hey everybody! I am a driven STEM student at the Edison Academy. I not only have a passion but also a natural talent for STEM subjects. I am currently taking AP Physics, Statistics, and Calculus BC. I also love working with kids. I am a co-founder and the physics director of a nonprofit organization that encourages girls to explore the fields of STEM. I currently work at Kumon and help children of all ages with mathematics and language arts. I also have a drive for business and finance - my team and I won first in a competition for consumerism. I have participated in selective business programs, such as Yale’s sustainable development & social entrepreneurship and NYU Stern’s Innovative Business Startups program.  

Siddarth K.

Hey guys! I’m an aspiring biomedical engineer who’s extremely passionate about chemistry and math. I also occasionally program, mostly in Python and C++, but my favorite subject is chemistry for sure! I've completed math through Multivariable Calculus, which I took at Harvard University. I also love competition math, because of the amount of thought it takes, and qualified for AIME in my freshman year. I love to watch football and play soccer, and in the summertime, you can never find me at home.  I am currently teaching myself Differential Equations and Organic Chemistry, but when I’m not doing that, I’m usually working on my Lego Mindstorms set, listening to music, or watching Netflix.

Department Heads

Gil S.
Head of Mathematics

Hello, I am a mathematician, programmer, and theoretical computer scientist who is passionate about learning new things. I am one of the strongest combinatorics students in the state, coming in first place at Princeton’s mathematics competition in combinatorics. I am also a competitive programmer who is currently competing in USACO Gold and can program in C++, python, Java, and Octave. Lastly, I have vast experience in theoretical computer science: graph theory, algorithm design, and randomized algorithms, and have mentored many students in graph theory and combinatorics at a program in Princeton University. I have exhausted our school’s math curriculum and have completed up through differential equations and have taken multivariable calculus from Harvard University.

Aneesha K.
Head of Sciences

Hey guys! I’m Aneesha and I want to pursue a career in STEM one day. I’m not really sure what exactly I’d like to do, but I love math, computer science and biology. I have taken all the math courses offered at school, and I took Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations at the college level this year. I also know C++ and Java, and am working on building a website for a startup in Philadelphia.  I’ve been working in Kumon for two years and I can’t wait to teach you guys about things beyond just math! Outside of school, I like dancing and playing the guitar. I look forward to sharing my interests with everyone!

Bryan C.
Head of Computer Science

Hi! I’m an aspiring programmer, musician and tennis player! I have experience in fields of software programming such as game development and ethical hacking. I love taking part in competitive programming competitions (USACO, Halite II/III, ACSL) and I think that the most important thing in class is communication, and because of that, I'll often be very lenient and open-minded during classes. Outside of computers, I like composing music and hanging out with my cat!

Saniya H.
Head of Engineering

Hello everyone! My name is Saniya Halani but everyone calls me Sunny! Ever since I was little, I've loved applying math to everyday life. I'm really interested in Statistics and Actuarial Science, so that's what I want to do in the future. I also really enjoyed studying civil/mechanical engineering in school and find it really interesting! I also love teaching as well as volunteering and organizing events. I've also been dancing for 12 years and am now a choreographer as well. I'm so happy to be part of STEMninjas and to be able to give back!

Ayaan Q.
Head of Humanities

Hi! My name is Ayaan, and I love playing my saxophone. I love helping others any way I can. I have a passion for chemistry and mechanical engineering, and absolutely adore world history. I play in my local high school’s marching band as well as swim on their varsity swim team. I love to cook and surprisingly, I can make really good pizza. I’m a simple guy who lives a pretty simple life, and I’m happy to be helping you!

Our STEMgurus

Harini N.

Hello! My name is Harini and I’m super excited to help coach you or your children. I want to be able to allow my students to do more than just memorize facts so I will make it a goal of mine to keep class interesting and molded to your interests. I have varied interests myself. Some of my hobbies outside of STEM include playing guitar, tennis, and digital art. I am also trying to teach myself dance. As a child or teen I find it important to always explore new things, even if you are bad at first. Through this program, I hope to meet new students and gain the satisfaction of having helped my community during these stressful times.`

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